Kasilof River Fishing

Kasilof River fishing Kasilof River Drift Boat Fishing experience is really an unparalleled experience. The river is known to local inhabitants as one of the best salmon fishing areas for big game fishing. The Kasilof River is situated to the south of the river Kenai and is smaller in size.


Fishing in Wessex!

The collected articles of this newsletter are all carefully, and somewhat optimistically, filed as 04.11; the November target date. Sorry, we are late no one to blame butmyself but I do plead a two month absence in mitigation. Much of the time was spent in Australia, that vast country with


Where have all the salmon gone?

I must begin with a few apologetic corrections for errors in the November issue. In the final count we reported that of the 52 salmon caught by River Frome anglers; 40 were returned alive. In fact 50 were returned alive out of 53, an impressive 94% and a great contribution


Fishing update for 2012

First my sincere thanks for the wealth of good wishes during my recent illness. I am very much better and fully back in harness. I have even been fishing. Thank you, as well, to all those who have offered generous plaudits for our work, and the progress of the Trust’s


A little bit about the Avon Valley

The history of development of the river and its catchment are important to this study as they have a fundamental impact upon the aquatic environment. Although considered a most attractive natural feature, the classic chalkstream surrounded by chalk downland is in fact a man-made and highly managed environment. Man first


Alaska Fishing Trips

There has been a latent desire brimming amongst humans for quite some time now. The more we develop our world with technology and concrete the more we feel it.

This desire is the need to be not developed, to be simple, close to the nature, and have just the basic facilities to get along; and this is the reason why lately there has been a rise in the number of nature trips (camping trips, fishing trips etc.) being taken by vacationing families all over the world.

When it comes to fishing trips few places come as close to providing the perfect experience as Alaska. Complete with the Holy trinity of Salmon, Halibut and Trout, Alaska surely provides the best fishing trip to vacationers for recreational purposes.

Although you can fish anytime you want in Alaska, the best luck has been observed with people who come to fish between May and September. Thankfully the best weather there is around this period too! Alaska accounts for more than 80% of the world’s wild salmon catch. It is the largest seafood producing region in the world and more than 29 million fish are commercially harvested here each year.

Alaska has 3000 rivers, 3 million lakes and 6,640 miles of coastline so there really is no issue of not being able to find a good spot for fishing. On the contrary a recreational fisher might get confused about where to start!

The state of Alaska has done a lot to improve and sustain its sport fishing areas. Some of the best areas around in Alaska for fishing are:

  1. Kenai River Fishing – Bing’s Landing: This spot is a little north of Sterling and is primarily a launch for boats. There is parking space available which gets filled up pretty quickly when the fishing is hot.
  2. Homer Spit Fishing: This spot is great for catching Halibut. The main species found here are halibut, Pollack, sole and flounder.
  3. Meridian and Grayling Lakes: These two lakes are exceptionally beautiful and easily accessible. You can catch stocked trout and graylings here.
  4. Kenai River – Moose Meadows: Located in Soldotna behind the Fred Meyer, moose meadows is known for its sockeyes and King Salmon but you can find all the other species as well.
  5. Tutka Bay Falls: On the north side of the Tutka Bay are the Tutka Bay Falls. It is a good spot for pink salmon fishing and digging for clams on the beach.

If you are planning on a Alaska fishing trips here are a few pointers that might help you along:

  1. If you are choosy about what you want to catch then read about the best season to catch a particular fish. For example for King Salmon best time is around May to early June. Sockeye salmons are abundant in rivers from June to late July. Also Silver or Coho Salmons can be seen later in the season from July to October.
  2. Ensure you book Alaska fishing lodge accomodation early, so your not left without somewhere to stay
  3. Even though you might be travelling in the summers things can get pretty chilly in Alaska, so don’t forget to pack in extra layers keep yourself warm during that fishing trip.
  4. Other important things to pack along are rain gears, warm socks and hats, dry, water repellent bags to store items that you do not want getting wet while in the boat (like camera, extra layers of clothes etc.)
  5. You should have proper fishing gear. Salmons are strong and heavy (can weigh above 90 pounds) and it would be ill advised to go after them with a flimsy fishing rod. Don’t forget to keep clippers, insect repellant, needle nosed pliers, sunscreen and polarized sunglasses. If that seems too much work now then you could buy them later at nearby fly shops. Also carry comfortable walking shoes which should be waterproof.
  6. If you are wanting to fish alone away from crowds then Kodiak Island is the place for you. King Salmon is available here from June 1st to July 10th.  Pink Salmon and Silver Salmon are also available from mid-August to late September.
  7. Read about the fishing regulations for your area and ensure that you comply with them.
  8. Alaska fishing regulations can change anytime by an Emergency Order. So keep up to date and informed on the same.
  9. It is very important to get an Alaska Fishing License before you start fishing there. You can buy the license at any outdoor store like Wal Mart or Fred Meyer’s or you can buy it online at the Alaska Department of Fish & Game website. You can also get it from your guide (if you are planning to hire one) The cost of licenses vary from $20 (for one day) to $80 (for 14 days)

alaska fishing trips


Alaska Fishing Trips Are The Most Exciting Experience You Can Ever Have

Fishing trips are always been an exciting experience for anyone and if fishing in Alaska, it will certainly be a great time for you. Alaska fishing trips are full of enjoyable moments. Whether you have experience or not, you will definitely enjoy the fishing moments in Alaska. Here, you not only experience the thrilling fishing trips but also have amazing places to see. Here you can go on Alaska fishing trips for silver salmon, pinks and kings etc. on the Kenai River. It will be better if you hire a guide or take a fishing package. This will help you in making your trips a memorable one for your whole life.

Every one of us has a busy and hectic schedule to follow on daily basis. Just take an example of your life – you must also be facing a heavy work load in your office. You might be thinking for a break to rejuvenate your mind and body to work efficiently in future. Why can’t you choose Alaska fishing trips for adventurous break? When you go for fishing to the amazing sea shore of Alaska, you will have the great experience of fishing and beach enjoyment. We suggest you to go for a holiday with your family. Going on a trip with a family is a fun filled experience. You will get free time to share your happiness and problems to each other. You also get time to understand each other in a better way.

Just imagine how amazing the situation is when you move through the surface of the ocean. It will bring you to have the experience of beautiful sceneries and sweet breeze all around you. Alaska fishing trips not only provides you the fishing memories but also serves the entire sea shore and beach enjoyments. A person going on fishing trips needs to be full of excitement, adventure and to some extent daring as well. For this reason some people have a myth that only men can enjoy the fishing trips but this is not true. Women are equally daring and full of adventure. They can also enjoy the Alaska fishing trips just like men.

Alaska fishing for women

Women are also fascinated by fishing and eagerly wait for joining the Alaska fishing trips. These trips are becoming popular among women day by day. Those women who are adventurous by nature and crazy about new experiences are always ready to try their hand at different kinds of fishing.

Women can join a group that includes men and women or only have women in a group. Whatever group you choose, one thing will be common in every case and that is enjoyment mixed with excitement. The main purpose of Alaska fishing trips is to gift you lifelong beautiful memories. For women it is the best option to take a break from their daily hectic life. Go to fishing trips and refresh your mind and soul for the upcoming challenges in your life.

alaska fishing

Alaska Fishing Is An Enjoyment Reward, Just Like A Life Time Achievement Award

Are you a fun loving person? Then you must always be hunting for fun events to enjoy life from the core of your heart. You must have enjoyed many activities full of excitement and adventure. Have you ever gone for fishing? If not yet, then plan a holiday this time and go for Alaska fishing. Here you will find numerous fishes, beautiful landscapes, lovely crowd to get together and will have an amazing experience. You can move to Alaska for fishing on your own without any guidance but if you approach a particular holiday planner service, it will be a great choice.

Once you have planned a vacation for Alaska fishing confirms your booking prior to moving to that place. The vacation planners will plan you the best services for fishing trips. They will guide you with all the in and outs about your fishing style and budget. These vacation planning firms can be an insurable resource as well and helps in searching the A-one guidelines and fishing places. They will provide the satisfactory guidelines for Alaska fishing according to your needs and wants that include your lodging and local travelling options.

Importance of Alaska fishing

Well, the very first and foremost importance of Alaska fishing is the excitement and enjoyment that lasts forever. Whenever you go to Alaska, you will find a huge rush all over the beaches. You get a chance to meet new people. You can make new friends here and the friendship does not end with the trip but also move on after the trip as well. Alaska fishing can be happiness personified.

Fishing in Alaska does not only provide new friends to you but also build a strong bond between your existing friends. Here you get peaceful atmosphere to share your thoughts and feeling with your friends. Sometimes it happens that you have few clashes with one of your friend from your friend circle then Alaska fishing is the best place to clear all your doubts with each other. These types of small holiday trips with your friend can actually bring your friendship to a never breakable peak.

Not only your existing friend and new friends are the focus of Alaska fishing. Your family is equally important for you. You should manage some time from your busy schedule to spend with your family. You should take your family to adventurous trips like Alaska fishing. If you like fishing then there are lots of other suitable places too for fishing but the most amazing one is Alaska. Your family needs your attention. You will get quality time to better understand your family members’ feelings. This will helps you to put more inputs to feel your family always happy.

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